Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Quilt!

3 years ago, my sister got married and I promised her a quilt as her wedding present. And it is!

As they were in the process of renovating their house at the time, I needed to wait to let her choose the general colour scheme. That sounds like it explains the three year wait, but that's not the case....

Anyway, she went for a greys and neutrals scheme with orange as  a highlighting colour, as she had chosen some wallpaper lwith those colours and liked them.

I used the orange sparingly, only for the centre square of the log cabin and in the binding to tie the scheme together.

The design is a 12.5" wonky log cabin square, with a light side and a dark side, arranged in pinwheel formation and quilted with a free motion quilting stitch.

In the centre of each log cabin, I tried to quilt a little heart...some were more successful than others.....

I'm extremely pleased with how this has turned out, and I don't mind showing it off.  I can truthfully say that no corners were cut, that everything lines up, that all the thread ends are tied off, and that after 4 evenings of hand-sewing the binding, it looks really quite neat.  Chuffed to bits!  I've told her to give it back to me rather than give it to the charity shop, I won't mind!